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Elon Musk: “Jesus taught love, kindness, and forgiveness.”

Tesla CEO Elon Musk Tweets a Bible lesson

When Elon Musk bought Twitter, he made liberals very angry by taking away their control over what people were talking about on social media.

Thursday, the billionaire gave angry leftists another reason to hate him by giving them a motivational tip.

Musk ventured to express his admiration for Jesus and his lessons in response to a tweet from the increasingly deranged Kanye West.

According to a 2020 article by The Christian Post, liberals used to censor this type of speech on Twitter. Those were the days when certain tweets, including Bible verses, were disabled with the warning, “This tweet may contain sensitive material.”

Ye, a rapper and businessman, appeared as a guest on the “Infowars” program hosted by Alex Jones. Ye made more anti-Semitic comments and made up things about Adolf Hitler while wearing a mask, ruining what little reputation he still had.

According to The Hill, he was quoted as saying the following about the ruler of the Nazi regime that carried out genocide: “You can’t say out loud that this guy ever accomplished anything nice, and I’m finished with that.” Every person, including Hitler, contributed something worthwhile to the world. Hitler was a Christian by birth as well.

The changes Musk made just recently allowed Ye to rejoin Twitter. The rapper tweeted a copy of the following tweet on Thursday: “I adore the First Amendment! Live long, Ye! I ask Jesus to confirm Elon’s veracity.

The phrase “Jesus is King” was scrawled underneath the printed text, along with Alex Jones’ signature and the year 2022.

The tweet is no longer accessible since Ye’s rants caused Twitter to once again suspend his account.

But it was that picture that brought about Musk’s surprise reaction.

He said, “Jesus preached love, charity, and forgiveness.” I used to believe it was weak and silly to turn the other cheek, but I was the idiot for not understanding its great wisdom.

It surprised me when the millionaire said that. Musk was well-known for his electric vehicle firm Tesla and space exploration company SpaceX before he purchased the big tech platform Twitter.

Musk is connected to technology, engineering, and science. Many modern Americans do not connect such activities with their religious beliefs.

A story by religion journalist Terry Mattingly that examined Musk’s views was published in January. Although his opinions were originally labeled as atheist or agnostic, they may have changed.

When the first human SpaceX Falcon rocket flight took off, Musk said, “You know, I’m not terribly religious, but I prayed for this one,” contradicting his earlier statement that “I didn’t even pray when I nearly died of malaria.”

Mattingly used Musk’s quotes from a Babylon Bee podcast. In response to a question about his upbringing, he said, “Anglican Sunday school, the Church of England, essentially.” Nevertheless, despite not being Jewish, I was also sent to a Hebrew preschool. One day I was singing “Hava Nagila,” and the next I was singing “Jesus, our Lord.”

Musk said that this led to an existential crisis. “There are many things in the Bible and other religious literature that weren’t taught to you in Sunday school,” he concluded after reading them.

Nevertheless, he recognized the effectiveness of the gospel: “Jesus’ teachings are very wise, and I agree with them.” Turning the other cheek, as opposed to “an eye for an eye,” is a highly significant concept. Everyone becomes blind when one eye is taken away.

Ye seems to be on a suicide mission to take out himself and his erstwhile buddies. The aftermath of what seems to have been a trap that Ye laid on former President Trump over an otherwise benign dinner invitation is still causing him problems. On “SNL,” comedian Dave Chappelle recently performed a skit on needing to separate himself from Ye.

Musk reacted to the rapper’s provocations by gently pointing out the lesson from the Bible that there is always a better way.

In spite of all the criticisms he is facing, Musk continues to spread his message, which implies that he is becoming more and more aware of what Jesus taught.

Let’s hope he keeps moving in the direction of Christ’s forgiveness, compassion, and love.

Source: The Western Journal

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