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Elon Musk is considering the acquisiton of Substack to take down the main stream Media

Twitter, run by Elon Musk, is interested to buying Substack.

Elon Musk, the CEO of Twitter, has made it clear that he is committed to overthrowing the corporate media and that he will back up his words with actions.

The billionaire has already spent $44 billion on Twitter and is considering buying the online content provider Substack in an effort to displace traditional media.

Musk emphasized his dislike of the media in Twitter replies on Tuesday night.

Musk’s first tweet of the day was in reaction to a post from reporter Leighton Woodhouse, who wrote, “On my stack: Establishment journalists’ attitude to the Twitter Files is that of a profession devoted to protecting the state instead of exposing it.”

Musk questioned why corporate media is racing to protect the state rather than the people.

Musk could purchase Substack via Twitter, a well-known Twitter account called Wall Street Silver said in response to Musk’s remark.

Would it make sense for Twitter to purchase Substack and further integrate the two services? Wall Street Silver tweeted, “Twitter with Substack suddenly generates tremendous competition for outmoded old corporate media.”

Elon Musk wants to merge Substack and Twitter

Hidden episodes known as “Twitter Files” started to arise inside the organization and platform after Elon Musk bought the Twitter account. During the election season, the FBI was able to exchange information because of the files’ falsified material regarding President Joe Biden.

The Twitter Files controversy was covered by some of the top journalists in the USA. He responded and posted the information on his social media page. A Twitter user recently speculated about the possibility of Elon Musk purchasing Substack and merging it with Twitter.

Elon Musk published the tweet to express his viewpoint.

A listing for the sale of data from 400 million Twitter accounts has been made

400 million Twitter accounts were previously sold by the hacker. There are accounts for Donald Trump and SpaceX as well.

San Francisco-based social publishing platform Substack was launched in 2017 and offers a variety of features, such as in-app purchases, data analytics, and more. Since Twitter has live news feeds, putting it together with Substack would definitely help it.

On the other side, consumers and employees often don’t like the changes Elon Musk makes to the social networking platform and within the business.

What does it imply in relation to this topic for you, our readers? Do you believe that Elon Musk’s purchase of Substack and integration with Twitter will improve the platform?

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