”Elon Musk is a complete douchebag”: Jane Fonda Pays the Price for Bashing Elon Musk on Twitter

Elon Musk is going to sue Jane Fonda just like he sued the pants off of Kathy Griffin.

Elon Musk is not an incompetent fool. The purchase of Twitter in its entirety for the express goal of drawing attention to the significance of the First Amendment is essential to the sovereignty of the United States.

Additionally, it is fairly effective in digging up previous dark implications regarding the overreach of the government.

It is now time for the second statement, which will, without fail, leave conservatives bewildered and perplexed by the first. This past week, Jane Fonda, who many vintage Americans will recall as “Hanoi Jane,” stepped to the podium to criticize the ex-world richest person.

The verb “excoriate” may also be translated as “to beat,” which refers to potatoes.

Jane Fonda on Twitter
Jane Fonda on Twitter

As a result of Fonda’s remarks, a sizable contingent of leftist supporters as well as Sandy Batt, a California grape washer who spent her 15 minutes on Fox News, emerged.

However you choose to interpret that, “Fonda has a lot for which to be grateful and ashamed. When it comes to Musk, she has to be really careful.

He sues each and every person. She is going to be sued by him. Take note of what I say. He is going to sue the living daylights out of her as Kathy Griffin does.

Fonda continued to tweet despite the fact that it was unclear whether or not she was wearing trousers. She seemed to be unconcerned by the possibility of losing her enormous income from “Grace and Frankie.”
Jane Fonda
Try it out for yourself, Jane. Be careful, because if you don’t, you can find yourself recording your exercise films in the locker area of a 24-hour fitness center. Proper.

NOTE: This is a Satire-Article. The original owner/source of the article is mentioned below. We hope you enjoyed it, LOL


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Written by Alex Bruno

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