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Elon Musk insists: The crowd that booed at me was actually cheering for me

Elon Musk said that the audience at a Dave Chappelle show that booed him was really cheering for him.

Elon Musk certainly had no idea what was going to happen when he unexpectedly showed up at Dave Chappelle’s gig on Sunday night in San Francisco.

The comic presented the billionaire Twitter owner, sentient Gamergate message board owner, and would-be worldwide supervillain, saying, “Ladies and gentlemen, make some noise for the wealthiest guy in the world.”

According to a video posted online, although many people in the audience celebrated, a large majority also started booing furiously and loudly.

The jeers became louder each time Musk spoke. Chappelle made fun of Musk’s recent turbulent time as owner of Twitter by joking, “It seems like some of the guys you fired are in the crowd.”

Apart from their very public dislike of transgender individuals, Musk and Chappelle don’t share many interests, yet the comic sought to defend his surprise guest in front of the crowd.

You have bad seats, as I’m simply stating the obvious to all these folks who are booing, Chappelle remarked.

The audience became heated as Chappelle continued to try and miserably defend the billionaire, according to Gizmodo. The comic made a couple more jokes about Musk not caring about the audience since he was heading to space.

Chappelle encouraged the audience to “shut the fuck up with your booing,” adding that it was not the greatest thing they could do.

“Bitch, I’m wealthy!

Musk finally screamed uncomfortably for the audience, quoting a well-known joke from the comedian’s last presentation. Musk made an effort to maintain some dignity as the awkward incident gained popularity on Monday morning.

In response to one of his own tweets, “Truth resonates,” he discussed the prosecution of Anthony Fauci. One person replied, “So does a room full of boos.

Asked about the booing, Musk said, “Technically, it was 90% applause & 10% boos (except during calm moments), but, nonetheless, that’s a lot of books, which is a first for me in real life (often on Twitter).” He added, “It’s almost as if I’ve offended SF’s insane lefties… but nahhh.”

Source: BuzzFeedNews

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