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Elon Musk fires Vijaya Gadde who permanently banned Donald Trump from Twitter

Elon Musk fires a Twitter employee who banned Trump amid rumors that he would return to the social media site.

Since formally owning Twitter, Elon Musk has allegedly fired the person who was involved in the exclusion of former President Donald Trump from the site. As Musk’s transaction is finalized, several influential people are leaving the firm, including Vijaya Gadde, the director of legal, policy, and trust at Twitter. This marks a significant shift in how the site will handle abuse and account suspensions moving ahead.

Gadde’s alleged dismissal comes as Musk prepares to lift all Twitter lifetime restrictions, including Trump’s. Additionally, he has claimed that he only wants the material to be taken down from the website if it is mandated by law, which runs counter to Twitter’s prior practice of censoring content for a number of reasons, including targeted harassment, spam, and hate speech.

The Washington Post and CNBC, among other publications, have reported on Gadde’s firing, adding insight on the tumultuous first day of Musk’s control of Twitter, which saw numerous important corporate leaders ousted from their roles. We now know that Gadde is out with Chief Executive Parag Agrawal, Chief Financial Officer Ned Segal, and Company General Counsel Sean Edgett. All four were reported “hurriedly” taken from the structure.

Before the $44 billion transaction was finalized, Musk had previously openly attacked Gadde, so her potential termination is not shocking. Gadde quickly changed her Twitter bio to reflect that she is no longer employed by the organization, indicating that she was also anticipating the news.

Vijaya Gadde
Vijaya Gadde at Twitter Coffee Shop with Elon Musk – u/HumanbyNature1717

Along with other important members of Twitter’s leadership team, Gadde had earned the worst contempt of far-right users. Gadde not only contributed to Trump’s Twitter ban, but he also had an impact on the decision to take down a piece on President Biden’s son, Hunter Biden. Due to this, it was unable to share the story on Twitter, not even in direct messages.

Despite this, according to a May story from The Washington Post, Gadde was hesitant to remove Trump from the website, a decision that prompted many to hold her solely responsible for what seemed to be right-wing censorship. Gadde is said to have defended Trump in corporate meetings by arguing that the president hadn’t violated enough laws to warrant a complete ban. She apparently only decided to alter her decision when other Twitter workers provided proof that Trump’s remarks had sparked the protests on January 6th.

Gadde’s dismissal from the corporation, however, has a considerably greater impact than Musk’s proposals to be more forgiving to Republicans who use the site. Any effort to delete non-illegal material from the website, such as abuse, prejudice, and disinformation, will now fail. Gadde is also claimed to have devoted a significant amount of her time to clear up false information regarding Covid-19, which Musk himself has in the past distributed.

And yet, despite his apparent appreciation of free speech, he apparently doesn’t treat Tesla workers who raise the topic of unionization with the same decency. It will be interesting to observe how this affects his control over Twitter. Musk has not yet responded to these most recent reports.

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