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Elon Musk: “Democrats have launched a coordinated attack on me.” “They’re merely political puppets.”

Elon Musk claims the Democrats attacked him in a “organized” manner and implies that they are only political pawns.

Elon Musk, the CEO of Twitter, said on Tuesday that numerous prominent Democrats had launched an “organized campaign” against him and that these individuals were just “actors on the political stage, not producers or screenwriters.”

Musk responded to a claim that he had never been involved in politics before and had only started doing so because of criticism from Democrats.

The post stated, “Elon wasn’t extremely political on Twitter until Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren began bashing him for no reason.” Then other people did so. Out of all the people they might have targeted, they went with the one who could assist the administration in addressing issues. The strange decision”.

“At approximately the same time, a number of other significant Democratic politicians also criticized me.” “It was planned,” Musk said. Except for the party leadership and a few independent candidates like [West Virginia Senator Joe] Manchin, the rest of the senators are “basically performers on the political scene, not directors or script writers.”

Trump, the previous president, has also criticized Musk, calling him a “bulls**t artist,” while Democrats have attacked Musk for a number of reasons over the last couple of years.

During the government shutdowns that paralyzed the country two years ago, Elon Musk seems to have had what can only be described as a political awakening. As California bureaucrats stopped a significant Tesla plant from restarting, the businessman got more upset and decided to transfer the company’s headquarters to Texas. He called on his fellow citizens to “take the red pill” and noted that the left is “losing the center.”

Sen. Ed Markey (D-MA), who wrote a letter asking how someone could make a fake Twitter account imitating him, is just one of several Democrats who have criticized him for his recent purchase of Twitter.

Yesterday, a reporter for the Washington Post created a false Twitter account in my name with ease.

For an additional $8, the reporter was able to purchase Twitter’s blue checkmark, which indicated that Twitter had “confirmed” the account belonged to a U.S. senator who was still in office. Markey’s letter stated, “It was not.” It seems that thanks to Twitter’s lax verification policies and obvious desire for money, anybody may mimic someone on your network for $8.00.

It is risky and wrong to sell the truth. Twitter has to provide an explanation of what occurred and how it plans to prevent it from occurring again.

Markey then lied about the authentication badge that was given to the account that didn’t exist.

Markey incorrectly claimed that the bogus account was confirmed because I was a well-known government official rather than because someone had paid for the blue verification checkmark. This only served to exacerbate Twitter’s verification failure. Users could previously be informed, critical consumers of news and information in Twitter’s global town square thanks to safeguards like the blue checkmark on the social media platform.

A screenshot of both of Markey’s real and fake Twitter accounts showed that the badges led to different pop-up windows, according to a story in The Washington Post.

In his actual account, he wrote: “This account is verified because it’s noteworthy in government, news, entertainment, or another specified area.”

Instead of “This account is verified since it’s subscribed to Twitter Blue,” as Markey claimed, the bogus account simply said, “This account is verified.”

Then, Markey said that the website had turned into “the Wild West of social media” and wanted answers to inquiries about Twitter’s verification procedure, which the firm has halted for Twitter Blue members.

Markey tweeted a copy of his letter to Musk, and Musk reacted.

Markey tweeted: “I’m looking for answers from @elonmusk, who are putting money over people and his debt above combating misinformation.” “A @washingtonpost reporter was able to establish a verified account by imitating me.” Twitter has to provide an explanation of what occurred and how to prevent it from occurring again.

“Maybe it’s because your genuine account sounds like a spoof,” she said. Musk answered.

In a subsequent tweet, Musk made fun of the senator for having a profile picture in which he was wearing a mask, saying, “And why does your PP have a mask!?”

Source: The Daily Wire

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