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Elon Musk begins Twitter exodus, days after his $44 billion acquisition

Twitter begins layoffs, and personnel notified through internal email

According to a Twitter communication acquired by NBC News, the social media behemoth will make personnel reductions on Friday. Twitter informed personnel through email of their employment beginning Friday am in the email issued Thursday evening.

The email said, “We understand that this will have an effect on a lot of people who have contributed much to Twitter, but this move is sadly required to guarantee the company’s success going forward.”

The layoffs follow repeated rumors that Musk intended to reduce the company’s 7,500-employee workforce after completing his $44 billion purchase late last week. On taking over the firm, he fired Twitter’s CFO, head of legal, public policy, and trust and safety, Parag Agrawal, as well as the CEO.

According to a Twitter employee, the company’s first email after being acquired on October 27 was sent on Thursday.

Everyone is focused on one email and the home is in complete disarray, the employee told NBC News.

Twitter employees will be notified via either their work or personal email if their “employment is disrupted,” as stated in an internal email.

According to the business, the layoffs are being implemented in “an attempt to put Twitter on a healthy path.”

Before Musk acquired the firm, concerns about layoffs started to surface. However, Twitter’s general counsel cautioned staff members not to focus on speculations.

Some Twitter workers have stated their wish to be let go and get severance, while others are worried that dissenting from Musk may result in them losing both their employment and the leave payout.

One Twitter employee told NBC News, “At the end of this nightmare, I better receive a monetary reward.”

The platform will not turn into a “free-for-all hellscape,” Musk said in a post in an effort to reassure advertisers. According to Reuters, he also informed the European Union that he intended to abide by the region’s Digital Services Act, which imposes fines on businesses that fail to manage illicit information.

Concerns have been raised about the potential loss of users and advertisers as a result of Musk’s vow to relax restrictions on the kind of speech that is permitted on the site. General Motors said that it will temporarily halt its platform advertising.

A content-moderation committee with “widely different opinions” has also been included in his proposals, however, no adjustments have been done as of yet.

According to reports, hate speech increased within the first few days that Musk owned the website. On Sunday, Musk personally shared a link to an unsubstantiated homophobic and anti-LGBTQ conspiracy theory relating to the assault on Paul Pelosi, who is the husband of Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the House of Representatives. Later, Musk took down the tweet.

That was one of around two dozen tweets Musk sent out over the weekend, but few of them provided further details on how the site would function under his direction.

Source: NBC News

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