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CNBC reporters pranked by some random men posing as ‘Twitter employees’ fired by Elon Musk

Random people played a practical joke on CNBC by pretending to be Twitter workers and saying that the company’s new owner, Elon Musk, had dismissed them.

The American business news network CNBC was duped by unidentified individuals who pretended to be Twitter workers and told the audience that they had been sacked by the company’s new owner Elon Musk. The occurrence happened on Friday (US local time).

When two individuals were seen carrying boxes close to the door of the company’s offices in San Francisco, CNBC mistakenly believed them to be former workers of Twitter. The pair chose to lie when questioned about being fired.

A data engineer, I am. We were experiencing several issues. Then Elon came in and fired the whole crew,” one of the guys, who went by the name “Daniel Johnson,” was overheard saying.

He claimed to have spent six years working for Twitter. “Elon Musk has my respect, but the recent statements he has made alarm me. I drive a Tesla. How will I pay my auto loan?” he emphasized.

‘Daniel’ also voiced worry about how, under Musk, ‘free speech on Twitter may embolden Nazis who despise transgender people. Before leaving, he stated, “Listen, I need to make a base with my husband and wife.”

Nevertheless, Daniel’s friend decided to keep playing the joke and introduced himself as “Rahul Ligma.” According to Know Your Meme, Ligma is a made-up testicular ailment that is intended to get people to respond to the joke by saying “kiss my balls.”

He made strange claims after being purportedly “ousted” from the social networking firm. “It worries me about the future of our democracy and the conservation of celebrities. Rahul Ligma said, “I mean when Britney [Spears] occurred.

If Elon Musk controlled Twitter, Michelle Obama never would have materialized, the speaker said. Without Elon Musk owning Twitter, Obama in 2008 would not have occurred. Man, I even have a Tesla. I support free speech, sustainable energy, and even the fight against climate change.

Other news outlets, such as Bloomberg and “Live Now from Fox,” also fell for the joke and reported it as “real news” regarding Elon Musk firing Twitter staff.

Journalists misconstrue jokes as “serious news,” go crazy on Twitter

Deidre Bosa, a journalist for CNBC’s “Tech Check,” was one among many who mistakenly believed the hoax to be actual news. It’s happening, she shouted. The whole data engineering team was fired. These are the first two. #TwitterTakeover.” This link will take you to the tweet’s archive.

This Tweet was deleted after the Trolling news got viral

“They seem to be rattled. Daniel claims he doesn’t know how he’ll be able to make his Tesla payments and that he owns one. To be clear, I don’t believe Elon Musk was front of mind, nor the Tesla, she continued.

Later, she revealed that the CNBC team was unable to establish if the two people in question were working for Twitter.

Elon Musk trolls with CNBC

The Tesla CEO didn’t miss a chance to mock the US media for not checking the identities of the purported “Twitter workers” He said on Twitter, “Ligma Johnson got what he deserved (or rathercumming).”

Elon Musk criticized CNBC in another tweet while praising the news outlet for its “ace reporting.”

Musk was joined in his news outlet trolling by online users. “Friends within Twitter inform me that Dinesh Sukondeez, Ruhal Ligma’s supervisor, has also been fired and is now leaving the premises. One yoni rechtman posted, “#TwitterTakeover.”

“So horrible,” mocked another Twitter user. Just learned that Fumunda Deeznuts, a mutual buddy, and his whole staff were laid off. #TwitterTakeover”

According to Reuters, Twitter Inc.’s CEO Parag Agrawal and its legal head Vijaya Gadde was sacked by Tesla CEO Elon Musk on Friday (October 28).

The change happened right after Musk acquired possession of the microblogging service on October 28. Along with Agrawal and Gadde, the organization’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Ned Segal, was let go for deceiving the Tesla CEO and the investors over phony Twitter accounts.

After the $44 billion acquisition was finalized, Parag Agrawal and Ned Segal were reportedly “escorted out” of Twitter’s headquarters in San Francisco, according to Reuters. Elon Musk tweeted about the development, “The bird is liberated.”

Elon Musk has pledged to do rid of spam bots from the microblogging site, stop Twitter from turning into a haven for hatred and division, and open-source algorithms.

Source: OPIndia

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