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BREAKING: HBO Fires “Toxic” Kathy Griffin After Call From Elon Musk

The “Toxic” Kathy Griffin Was Fired From HBO Following A Call From Elon Musk

When it comes to Kathy Griffin, Elon Musk is not playing games. Even after a federal court dismissed the cases that were threatening to cost him one billion dollars, he is still the most powerful person on the planet.

Griffin lost his chance for a payday of $4 million after only one phone call to his close buddy Joe Barron, who is the chief of programming at HBO.

Barron said in front of a group of reporters outside of a McDonald’s in Burbank, “We do not need toxic characters on our programs,” adding, “particularly if they’ve made enemies with billionaires.”

If he had the motivation and desire, Musk could purchase and sell the firm.

As for Griffin, the producers of her program “Kathy!” have demanded that she repay the half a million dollar advance that she was given, and the show won’t broadcast this coming Wednesday.

The majority of it, according to her representative, has already been spent on public relations initiatives.

If Musk gets his way, Griffin will be out of luck in terms of finding gainful employment.

The Twitter front desk agent we finally reached told us that 15 of the company’s top employees were assigned to wreck the woman’s life.

That is the consequence you face, Ms. Griffin, when you participate in activities that are above and beyond your skill level.


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Written by Alex Bruno

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