Elon Musk sue Alyssa Milano

Breaking: Elon Musk’s Tesla is suing the ‘crap out’ of Alyssa Milano

Online reports state that Elon Musk has sued Alyssa Milano for defamation, seeking $200 million.

According to online reports, Elon Musk sued Alyssa Milano for defamation and sought $200 million in damages. Tesla filed the lawsuit on its behalf in reaction to Milano’s public criticism of the company.

We grade this claim as True after doing an in-depth investigation into the speculations surrounding Tesla v. Milano.

In reality, Musk is taking legal action against Alyssa Milano on Tesla’s behalf and against Kathy Griffin on his own. If Musk prevails, Griffin might experience a total financial disaster.

Alonda Musk-Jenner, the mother of Musk, publically urged people to stop being cruel to her son and set the legal proceedings in motion. Elon determined to make his elderly mother proud after taking it to heart.

“As long as I destroy my opponent, it doesn’t matter how much it costs me. Mum won’t tolerate anything different.

The attorneys representing Milano claim they won’t bother coming there and will instead send an intern to make the “ridiculous” case’s dismissal argument.

In legalese, ‘She spoke terrible things about me’ doesn’t exactly cut it. He has to show that the event really caused genuine harm. and not harm to the soul. Actual financial loss

Musk’s minions counter that Milano’s social circle has joined in on the boycott, hurting sales (by an estimated 174) and the brand’s standing (by an estimated 174 sales lost every model year).

Milano responded with a witty tweet, saying, “Everything with Musk’s name on it lost its image.” She called Musk “a huge baby man-child who should go fix global hunger instead of purchasing assured exposure on a social media site.

Ouch. It seems like Alyssa Milano thinks she is in charge. We’ll discover that.

NOTE: This is a Satire-Article. The original owner/source of the article is mentioned below. We hope you enjoyed it, LOL


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Written by Alex Bruno

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