Elon Musk: Tesla Cybertruck will be released in 2023

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, has recently said that production of the Cybertruck might begin early in the next year, and the release date could be announced shortly. Musk said in a conference call with investors on Wednesday that production of the Cybertruck is still anticipated to begin around the middle of 2023.  It may be our finest product ever, in my opinion. Additionally, he said that the business is focusing on “improving production with Cybertruck and future goods.”

The Tesla Cybertruck release date keeps changing

According to Musk, “Our team continues to concentrate on Cybertruck production readiness.” Even though information on the new Cybertruck pickup truck was limited in 2019, Tesla nevertheless pledged that it will begin manufacturing in 2021. However, the epidemic ruined their intentions. Then, there was a discussion of launching the Tesla Cybertruck in 2022, but it, too, was scrapped, pushing back the anticipated delivery date.

Since then, Tesla has enlarged its Berlin, Germany, facility in addition to constructing new manufacturing in Giga, Texas. While manufacturing in Texas is on track to shortly reach that output level, the Berlin factory is now producing 1,000 vehicles each day. Musk did admit, though, that COVID lockdowns in China in the second quarter of 2022 caused some manufacturing to slow down. There are four more factories there.

How long is the Tesla Cybertruck waitlist?

Customers have reserved 3 million Cybertrucks, even though the Tesla plants can only churn out 1,000 cars every month. The majority anticipate a lengthy wait. Even if all of Tesla’s plants in California, China, Germany, and Texas were operating at full capacity, a Tesla Cybertruck delivery date for the majority of us would be years away. Musk did, however, mention that Tesla is attempting to simplify the truck’s design and is using manufacturing advancements that could hasten this process. Bookings cost $100.

Musk unveiled further innovative products

Musk also discussed the use of new batteries during the call, which is available to listen to at In the majority of its cars today, the business employs what it refers to as 2170 batteries. But more automobiles will soon include the new 4680 lithium-ion batteries. The 4680 cells are more energy-dense yet smaller.

Furthermore, Musk said that the firm is working on many new items, but he did not provide any other information. For the autonomous driving system, Musk claimed additional highways had been mapped and cited a new over-the-air upgrade to the seatbelt tensioners.

How much is a Tesla Cybertruck?

The release of the Tesla Cybertruck will occur after its manufacture. So it will be a 2024 model. Musk said the Tesla Cybertruck truck, which costs $40 000, would stand alone when Tesla first introduced it. It is now comparable to the Ford F-150 Lightning Pro and the new Chevy Silverado EV work truck. It should have four wheels, four-wheel steering, three motors, and a 500-mile range. In addition to the Rivian R1T, the GMC Hummer EV truck, the new Ram EV truck, and potentially more by 2024, Cybertruck will also have to contend with increasing competition.

Source: Motor Biscuit, Gizmodo, Bloomberg

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