Photos: Shirtless Elon Musk enjoys vacations on a luxury yacht trip in Mykonos

Just let’s hope he used high SPF sunscreen. According to exclusive pictures acquired by Page Six, Elon Musk was seen on Sunday basking in the sun on a luxurious boat near Mykonos, Greece. The multibillionaire was sailing the Aegean Sea with a small company that included newlywed friends Ari Emanuel and Sarah Staudinger aboard the “Zeus,” a motor boat that costs approximately $20,000 per week and can seat six people in over three staterooms with a trained crew.

51-year-old Musk stepped on the yacht in an unadorned T-shirt and matching shorts with no jewelry or accessories. He also didn’t wear his trademark dark sunglasses or baseball hat. The Tesla CEO then quickly changed into his swimming suit and dove into the water. Back on the boat, Endeavor CEO Emanuel hosed him down. Emanuel has long been regarded as the model for fictitious Hollywood agency Ari Gold in “Entourage.”

Following that, Musk was seen sipping on a beverage as the party left to tour the island. The creator of SpaceX, who just revealed to Page Six in an exclusive interview that he had given birth to his tenth kid, didn’t appear the least bit troubled by Twitter’s extensive legal action against him.





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Musk had agreed to pay $44 billion to purchase the social media network in April, but he backed out of the agreement earlier this month due to concerns that the company may be lying about the proportion of its members who are bots. Twitter’s lawyers referred to Musk’s allegation as a “bad faith” effort to break the contract in their complaint.

Musk responded by labeling the company’s claims “meritless” and informing the court that he needed until the following year to answer the lawsuit.

Earlier this month, the business tycoon told us that he and Shivon Zilis, a Neuralink executive, had welcomed twins in November 2021 and that they planned to continue having children in the future. He said, “Thanks,” then added, “Bravo to huge families,” when congratulated on the newest members of his family. Musk said, “As many as I am able to spend time with and be a decent parent” when asked how many children he would want to have.

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