‘There will be blood’: Tesla’s “hardcore litigation department” is already taking shape

Blood will likely flow sooner than predicted. Elon Musk said Tesla is creating a “hardcore litigation department” to file and carry out lawsuits back in May. The formation of this squad is currently progressing smoothly. During his appearance on the Getting Stoned podcast, Musk made the remarks. When asked how Tesla’s legal team is doing, Musk said that the business is now in the recruiting process for certain attorneys.

Even the applicants who replied to his tweet were named by the CEO as potential candidates. “So many people are attacking Tesla nonstop. Therefore, I believe that what we really need is to have a powerful legal team that fights back. We’re really reviewing the resumes that a lot of extremely smart attorneys have kind of put in. A large number of the individuals who reacted to my tweet will be hired.

We are always being attacked. It’s crazy,” Musk said. The “hardcore litigation department” at Tesla was established in response to allegations that Musk had mistreated a former SpaceX worker sexually. Musk has categorically refuted the accusations, and SpaceX President Gwynne Shotwell has said she is not aware of the alleged event occurring.

Musk said in his statement from May that Tesla’s “hardcore litigation department” will be in charge of bringing and carrying out legal action. Additionally, it will be a group that answers only to him. Further pressed, the CEO emphasized that he is seeking “hardcore streetfighters” rather than “white-shoe attorneys” who profit from wrongdoing. Tesla’s crew will be on the attack instead.

Elon Musk is true that Tesla is often used as a punching bag by detractors, both short-sellers who are out to drive down the price of TSLA’s shares and average internet users who believe the CEO belongs to a class that shouldn’t exist. The corporation has consistently been under attack, and sometimes those attacks cross the line and even include young members of Musk’s family.

Recent examples include TSLAQ user and well-known Tesla critic @passthebeano publicly making fun of Elon Musk’s kids, suggesting that even convicted child sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell “could not get them laid.” As of this writing, Twitter has not removed the message, which has since been reported since some of Musk’s children are still minors.

Putting aside Musk’s colorful language, Tesla has benefited greatly from an aggressive litigation department—just not in the US. A vigorous smear campaign against Tesla China was also launched.

However, the manufacturer of electric vehicles was able to clear up the situation after bringing many cases. A Huawei executive who labeled Teslas “death machines” was fired as a result of Tesla China’s legal action. Online celebrities who claimed “brake failure” events offered open apologies after confessing to fabricating footage.

Source: Teslarati

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Written by Alex Bruno

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