Tesla to offer Free Supercharging for the 4th of July Weekend

Every day that goes by brings the Fourth of July weekend that much closer. It’s time to see friends or family or to take a short trip with a loved one. It’s time to unwind and recall why the United States of America is such a wonderful, independent nation. On this historic occasion, Tesla considered ways to please some of its consumers. Owners may Supercharge for free from Friday, July 1 through Monday, July 4 thanks to the manufacturer.

There are just a few places that are covered by this offer, and only five states allow it. Additionally, there are certain time restrictions in place. Tesla is providing its customers from Arizona, California, and Nevada with free access to Supercharging between 6 PM and 9 AM in an effort to make life simpler for people who are wanting to travel. Free Supercharging is available between 8 PM and 11 AM for those who are in Oklahoma and Texas.

Most places with free charging are in California. In Baker, Bakersfield, Bakersfield (on I-5), Barstow, East Main Street, Tanger Way, Beaumont, Buttonwillow, Cabazon, Cabazon (Morongo Trail), Hesperia, Indio, Needles, Palm Springs, Rancho Mirage, Tejon Ranch, Tejon Ranch (Outlets at Tejon Pkwy), and Yermo, power is free.

Only Primm in Nevada is eligible for free Supercharging. Ardmore and Oklahoma City are the two locations in Oklahoma that are included in this deal. Kingman and Kingman are the only two stations in Arizona (West Andy Devine). On the 4th of July weekend and only during the times specified above, Texas Tesla owners will be able to utilize the Superchargers in Columbus, Denton, Flatonia, and Katy for free. To optimize the journey path, Tesla advises utilizing the Trip Planner. Additionally, it automatically prepares the battery for quick and effective charging.

Source: Autoevolution

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Written by Alex Bruno

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