In a leaked video, Elon Musk tells Twitter employees that he would allow “Pretty Outrageous” Tweets.

A chunk of Elon Musk’s discussion with Twitter staff was made public on Thursday, with the Tesla CEO declaring that “people should be able to say really ridiculous things” as long as they’re lawful. According to a video published by Project Veritas, he remarked, “I believe individuals should be permitted to say very ridiculous things that are within the confines of the law but don’t get amplified and don’t have a tonne of reach.”

Musk was speaking during a Twitter all-hands meet while seeking to buy the company for $44 billion. “I believe an essential aim for Twitter would be to attempt to incorporate as much of the nation… as much of the globe as possible,” Musk said, enabling Twitter to “truly advance to the next level.” “I believe Twitter has the capacity to have… He said, “to be available to an order of magnitude more individuals.” “If the far-left and far-right 10% of the population were equally furious on Twitter, that would probably be a positive consequence.”

In a brief video published by Veritas, Musk goes on to say that Twitter should satisfy a “standard” to keep users “extremely amused and educated” above all else, rather than relying on regulations to “not offend” particular individuals. Musk seemed to be responding to a series of inquiries from Tesla workers in the San Francisco area.

Musk and Twitter announced in April that Musk will buy the business and take it private. Such transactions may take weeks or months to complete, and most of Twitter’s senior management staff remains intact, with current CEO Parag Agrawal at the helm.

Although the arrangement looked to be scuppered in May when Musk complained that Twitter wasn’t supplying him with enough information on bots, or automated and AI-driven accounts. Musk claims that there are significantly more bot accounts than Twitter admits, although the business allegedly claimed in June that as part of the contract, it will supply him with spam statistics.

Musk, the world’s wealthiest billionaire, has often chastised Twitter’s content moderation procedures, most recently claiming that its workforce is biassed against “half the nation,” referring to conservatives. In a June 13 Twitter post, he stated, “A platform cannot be termed inclusive or fair if it is prejudiced against half the nation.”

The popular Twitter account Libs of TikTok claimed it has received multiple death threats in recent days. “After extreme leftists accused me of being a domestic terrorist extremist, I’ve gotten approximately a dozen death threats,” Twitter user Libs of TikTok stated. “Twitter has not taken down any of the accounts associated with the threats.” “Why?” said Musk in response.A request for comment on the Veritas leak was not immediately returned by Twitter.

Source: The Epoch Times

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