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‘Perhaps someone can explain this dichotomy’: Elon Musk Takes Sides in the Gender Identity Debate

When Elon Musk, the wealthiest man in the world and a self-described “absolutist” for free speech, ventured to challenge an inherent problem in transgender ideology on Saturday, he may have melted more than a few snowflakes. Musk describes himself as a “absolutist” for free speech. Much of the uproar surrounding The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh’s much-hyped new documentary “What is a Woman?” appears to have stemmed from Walsh pointing out the radical extremists’ logical inconsistencies in promoting and encouraging the mutilation of children far too young to consent to any life-altering decisions.

Walsh sought a clear and unambiguous explanation of what guys suffering from gender dysphoria were truly “transitioning” to, given the inherent hazards of gender reassignment surgery and puberty blockers. So-called scholars continued to argue with the podcaster based on sentiments rather than facts, and Musk was not ready to stand by while logical discrepancies remained unsolved. “We’re being taught that gender differences don’t exist while yet being informed that genders are so deeply different that irreversible surgery is the only choice,” Musk said in response to an article by lefty writer Matt Taibbi.

“Perhaps someone smarter than myself can explain this duality,” the millionaire speculated, just as Walsh had attempted to accomplish in his documentary. The entrepreneur looked to be looking for true, quantifiable truth, but as the video demonstrated, left-wing radicals who subscribe to Marxist gender theory are “very uncomfortable with that vocabulary.” “You keep using the term truth, which is arrogant and unpleasant,” observed Dr. Patrick Grzanka, a University of Tennessee professor of Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies.

Walsh responded to Musk’s post by describing his whole experience in seeking to fix these mental contradictions. “I spoke with the ‘wise’ in the movie, and it turns out they can’t explain anything at all,” he wrote. Musk was challenged on why it meant so much to him what other people did with their bodies, similar to Walsh, who has gotten death threats for daring to confront the woke ideologues.

What critics of Musk’s fundamental query ignore, and which in no way implies his position on the topic, is that the documentary’s main concern was not what adults were allowed to do with their life, but what adults were pushing onto children by confirmations of their bewilderment.

“I wonder whether we’re institutionalizing assumptions about gender in the same way academics have sought to institutionalize clichés about how ‘hard work,’ ‘being courteous,’ ‘punctuality,’ and the ‘written word’ represent ‘white culture,'” Taibbi captioned his piece that Musk responded to. All of these enlightened viewpoints are hastening society’s degeneration at an exponentially growing pace. As the reaction against the outspoken billionaire grew, he offered a real view on the subject, saying, “It is a better world if we are all less judgy.”

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