‘Buy YouTube’: Elon Musk says video platform giant hosts ‘Nonstop scam ads’


For the last several months, Elon Musk has been conducting a battle against anything that he finds disagreeable. The first thing he did was make an offer to purchase Twitter, which he did because he considered that the platform did not support free speech. After that, there was an assault on Bill Gates, the creator of Microsoft, and a shift toward the extreme right of conservatism. Now, Musk is focusing his attention on the video-sharing platform YouTube.

YouTube viewers have access to an almost infinite library of free material, ranging from instructional videos on how to tie shoelaces to full-length blockbusters. The majority of this business model’s funding comes from advertising. In his most recent tirade against technology, the Tesla entrepreneur cast aspersions on the kind of advertisements that are permitted on the site.

Elon Musk needs to sign up for YouTube Premium, which costs just $12 a month, in order to turn off the advertisements. It should be emphasized that Elon has a net worth of 218.1 billion dollars. Additionally, there are an infinite number of free ad-blockers that can be installed in a matter of seconds.

Musk has been manipulating the price of Tesla shares for years, using Twitter as his primary tool. Additionally, he has amassed a fortune by just using his power to control cryptocurrencies that are, on the whole, useless.

The passage of time will reveal the nature of Elon Musk’s disagreement with YouTube. He has a number of tools at his disposal, so he can halt the advertisements whenever he wants to. It is difficult to think that someone who likes to portray himself as a technological genius is unaware of such choices.

Source: ThirstyForNews


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