Elon Musk has an explanation for the Infamous Photo with Ghislaine Maxwell

Elon Musk has clarified why he was shot with Ghislaine Maxwell in the now-famous picture. On Saturday, the business billionaire, who is in the process of purchasing Twitter, used the social media network to criticize the US government’s handling of the Jeffrey Epstein case. Following the sex trafficker’s arrest and subsequent death in jail, a so-called ‘client list’ of persons who purportedly visited Epstein’s secret island has yet to be revealed.

Musk responded to the US Department of Justice’s refusal to reveal this information by tweeting: “The only thing more astonishing than the DOJ’s refusal to share the list is that no one in the media seems to care. Isn’t that strange?” An accompanying tweet contained an image of a dragon, a dinosaur, a unicorn, and a caption reading, “The Epstein/Maxwell customer list.” While the original Tweet had over 400,000 likes at the time of writing, one response was less than enthusiastic.

Instead, a user responded with a photo of the 50-year-old standing next to Maxwell from a 2014 Vanity Fair party. Musk, who has a history of responding to individuals on Twitter, then responded with his own rejoinder, claiming that Maxwell had ‘photobombed’ him. “You should [ask] them why they brought Maxwell to the [Vanity Fair] Oscar party since she photobombed me. The same folks who promote this picture make no mention of renowned persons who have visited his island dozens of times. Strange as well…” Musk put pen to paper.

Maxwell was convicted on five charges in December 2021, directly linked to Epstein’s different sex trafficking offenses. The daughter of media magnate Robert Maxwell, the former socialite is set to be jailed later this month. Epstein’s client list has sparked a lot of internet conjecture, with a lot of high-profile people already being connected to it.

In the subsequent legal actions against Maxwell, it has been suggested that former Presidents of the United States Bill Clinton and Donald Trump visited Epstein’s island. Prince Andrew has also been embroiled in these legal processes. According to reports, she has been held in solitary confinement for the last two years due to worries she may commit herself like Epstein. In 2019, the convicted sex offender was discovered dead in his cell while awaiting charges, sparking a slew of conspiracy theories online about how he died.

Source: UNILAD

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Written by Alex Bruno

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