Elon Musk: Tesla is setting up a ‘Hardcore litigation’ team made up of ‘Streetfighters’


Elon Musk is on a vendetta. In the wake of the “Elongate” incident, Tesla’s CEO has announced the creation of a “hardcore litigation department” that would start and prosecute cases directly. Musk will have direct control over the team. Musk pledged to the incoming lawsuit team the following: (1) We will never seek victory in a fair case against us, even if we are likely to win; and (2) we will never surrender/settle an unfair case against us, even if we are likely to lose.

Tesla’s future litigation department seems to have an easy application process, with Musk recommending applicants to email three to five bullet points “describing proof of outstanding skill.” Applications should be sent to justice@tesla.com. Tesla’s “hardcore” litigation squad was announced only days after Musk revealed on Twitter that he is indeed “looking for blood.” During a Twitter debate regarding a lawyer from Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign who is presently on trial, Musk made the remark.

Musk’s choice to form an aggressive legal team for Tesla might payout in the long term. The electric car manufacturer has essentially become a punching bag for doubters and media outlets that run with negative narratives around the company’s technologies and ambitions, owing in no little part to its penchant to keep its quiet. If the corporation has a legal team that isn’t scared to fight back, this will most likely alter.

In China, such an approach has proven to be highly successful. Tesla China has a strong legal staff that has already assisted the corporation in overcoming unfavorable media campaigns in both traditional and social media. Tesla China’s legal team has been successful in getting news sites to apologize and withdraw incorrect material, as well as social media influencers to publicly acknowledge to lying about the company’s goods for clout.

Source: Teslarati


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