‘it’s been nice knowin ya’: Assassinating Elon Musk?

“It’s been lovely knowing you,” Elon Musk said in a mysterious tweet sent earlier this week. Musk, the world’s richest man—a real-life Tony Stark who for pleasure makes breakthrough electric automobiles and game-changing reusable rockets—is renowned for his strange tweets that get a lot of attention. Unfortunately, it was not a joke this time. Musk was only retaliating for a recent threat made against him by Dmitry Rogozin, the guy in charge of Russia’s space agency, Roscosmos.

Rogozin’s remarks were not made in a vacuum, nor were they just patriotic rhetoric. The threat was made because Musk had given Ukraine 40 Starlink terminals at the start of the Russo-Ukraine War, effectively preventing the Russians from cutting Ukraine off from the global telecommunications network and providing Ukraine with much-needed strategic advantages over their Russian adversaries.

Starlink is a constellation of tiny, readily replaceable satellites that provide an internet connection to areas of the globe that would otherwise be cut off from the global telecommunications network. It does, however, have strategic significance. After all, these tiny satellites are less expensive than their larger counterparts, and they may give a nation under assault the telecommunications capabilities it needs to survive and grow in such a hostile environment.

According to Dave Temper, the Pentagon’s director of electronic warfare, Russia has launched three assaults on SpaceX’s Starlink assets in space in recent weeks. SpaceX, on the other hand, has effectively stopped each of these intrusions. The Starlink satellites’ cyber protections have performed so brilliantly that Temper called seeing them in action “eye-watering.” Temper continued to tell Breaking Defense that the US military needs to emulate similar capabilities on its critical but vulnerable satellite networks.

China, for example, has previously indicated that Starlink’s apparent military implications pose a danger to them. What, then, has Elon Musk and his intrepid space start-up gained in exchange for all their troubles?

Along with Rogozin’s threats of physical assault against Musk, China is making veiled threats against his properties. Musk’s own government, which should be learning from and appreciating Musk’s accomplishments, has used its enormous regulatory authority to penalize Musk’s businesses and has participated in character assassination against him due to Musk’s personal political opinions.

Last year, I reported that the incoming Biden administration planned to utilize the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) regulatory authorities to stymie SpaceX’s big Starship rocket launches. This is the mechanism that will bring people to Mars within the next decade. It’s a huge spacecraft, made much bigger by the fact that it’ll be sent into orbit atop a mammoth heavy-lift rocket. This rocket, like SpaceX’s previous rockets that have made headlines over the past decade, will be fully reusable.

However, Musk assured the press in 2020 that any Mars colony developed by SpaceX will not be regulated by Earth—specifically, American—laws. Because SpaceX is mainly sponsored by the American taxpayer, many in the US government, particularly the Biden Administration, were alarmed by this comment. According to the US government, any expedition to Mars should at the very least fly the American flag once it arrives on the Red Planet.

Although Musk’s statements were made in the fall of 2020, when one of his most vocal supporters, Donald J. Trump, was still president, the FAA started clamping down on Musk’s launches in the first few weeks of Joe Biden’s administration. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) responded by cracking down on Musk’s other iconic firm, Tesla. Tesla was required by the NHTSA to recall over 135,000 cars due to possible touchscreen malfunctions. While these touchscreens are part of Tesla’s safety packages, one can’t help but note the matter’s lucky timing from the present administration’s perspective.

The Biden Administration opposes Musk’s freewheeling approach and is making a statement in contrast to another freewheeling icon, Donald Trump, who was most appreciative of Elon Musk’s inventive and daring attitude. Musk is one of just a few significant holdouts who refuses to toe the Democratic Party’s utterly undemocratic woke agenda, while many other firms and corporate leaders have shown no qualms about joining on board. As a result, he is considered a thought criminal by the Biden Administration. As a result, he will be crushed by the federal government’s jackboots until he kowtows to the wokerati.

Musk’s cryptic post earlier this week about dying under dubious circumstances is therefore not simply about Dmitry Rogozin’s craziness or the larger Putin dictatorship, which SpaceX has moved against under Musk’s leadership. Musk’s domestic foes should also be watched, since they will not seek bodily murder like the ruthless Russians, but they will surely try to cancel him. Elon Musk is already being canceled in its entirety, as seen by the barrage of negative coverage that has poured out of the “mainstream” media since the gonzo billionaire announced his plan to buy Twitter for a stunning $44 billion.

Musk evolved from being an unpleasant thought criminal to an opponent of the deep state, almost overnight. Musk made it plain that he intended to buy the large social media platform (and data mining company) because he was concerned about how Twitter’s administrators were regulating the Twitter community. Musk has had enough of the pettiness shown by typically left-wing partisans who govern Twitter and other social media sites.

Make no mistake about it: Elon Musk is the last of the Great American Tycoons, and he has plenty of foes to prove it. The truth is that if anything happens to Musk or his enterprises (particularly SpaceX), the United States would suffer greatly.

And if Musk’s effort to buy Twitter, the world’s most popular social media network, fails, the First Amendment as we know it would vanish under a cloak of corporate corruption and repression. Even if Musk isn’t killed by the mad Russians, he’ll have to keep an eye out for Biden Administration apparatchiks with a political vendetta against him. And if Musk loses to the Russians or the corrupt US administration, the US will have fallen so far behind its enemies—both foreign and domestic—that it may never be able to catch up.

Source: American Greatness

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Written by Alex Bruno

Freelance space writer Alex Bruno specializes in covering China's quickly expanding space industry. In 2021, he started writing for SpaceXMania. He also contributes to publications including SpaceNews, IEEE Spectrum, National Geographic, Sky & Telescope, and New Scientist. When Alex was a small child, he first experienced the space bug after seeing Voyager photographs of alien planets in our solar system. When not in space, Alex likes to go trail jogging in the Finnish countryside.

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