Elon Musk slams US President and Trump: “Joe Biden’s Mistake Is…”, ‘Trump Shouldn’t run for President in 2024’

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, said today that Joe Biden is making a “mistake” in believing that he was picked to “change the nation” by being elected as the Vice President of the United States because “everyone simply wanted less drama.” This comment comes only a few days after Musk, who is about to take over Twitter in a transaction worth $44 billion, said that he would lift the microblogging site’s ban on former president of the United States Donald Trump, who was defeated by Joe Biden in the campaign for the presidential election.

Musk said in a tweet that “Biden’s problem is that he believes he was elected to alter the nation, but in reality, everyone simply wanted less drama.” Musk also tweeted that despite the fact that “a less polarising candidate would be preferable in 2024,” he continues to believe that Trump should be reinstated to Twitter. The microblogging platform Twitter cited “the possibility of additional inciting of violence” as the reason for permanently suspending Donald Trump’s account immediately after the brawl at the United States Capitol in December of last year.

Musk stated that the decision made his ideas more popular among individuals who have conservative political beliefs, and he described the ban as “morally incorrect and flat-out dumb.” His comment elicited strong responses, with some people claiming that removing the ban on Trump would unleash “floodgates of hatred” and others expressing support for removing the ban.

Jack Dorsey, one of the co-founders of Twitter, was one of the people who supported Musk’s concept. “I do agree. Permanent bans are a failure of ours and don’t work, which is something that I wrote about here after the event (and called for a resilient social media protocol), but there are exceptions (CSE, illegal behavior, spam, or network manipulation, etc.).

In general, permanent bans are a failure of ours and don’t work “he sent out tweets. In a previous interview, Trump had said that he would not return to Twitter even if Musk purchased the company and reinstated his account. Instead, Trump stated that he would use his very own social networking program called Truth Social. Truth Social was first released at the end of February but has been experiencing problems up until more recent times.

Source: NDTV

Written by Alex Bruno

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  1. Quotation use means that a person actually said the statement…

    …then during the article the “quoted” statement matches the quoted statement in the title

    I couldn’t find where Musk says that President Trump shouldn’t run in 2024…

    “Less polarizing would be ideal for 2024”…

    …by the time President Trump is re-elected in 2024 he will be the least polarizing as his mandate by margin of victory will be undeniable

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