Top Twitter executives fired ahead of Elon Musk’s acquisition

Twitter sacked two of its top executives on Friday, the latest hint of internal strife as the firm prepares to be bought out by Tesla billionaire Elon Musk. Kayvon Beykpour, the general manager of Twitter, is retiring after seven years. Beykpour stated CEO Parag Agrawal “asked me to depart after letting me know that he wanted to take the team in a new path” in a series of tweets on Thursday.

According to a post that has since been removed, Twitter’s revenue and product head, Bruce Falck, was also sacked. “Unemployed” now appears in his Twitter bio. “I dedicate this Tweet to those engineers, and I thank you ALL for allowing me to serve beside you.” It’s been fantastic. “There’s a lot more to accomplish, so go back to work,” Falck tweeted. “I can’t wait to see what you construct.”

Twitter confirmed both departures and said it is halting most recruiting, with the exception of mission-critical positions. “We are pushing down on non-labor expenditures to ensure we are being responsible and efficient,” it said in a statement. According to his Twitter profile, Beykpour was the general manager of consumer Twitter, overseeing design, research, product, engineering, customer support, and operations teams.

Beykpour, a co-founder of the live broadcasting software Periscope, joined Twitter in 2015 when the social media firm purchased his business. “I hope and believe that Twitter’s finest days are yet to come. Twitter is one of the world’s most significant, original, and influential products.

That influence will only expand with the correct cultivation and management,” he remarked on Twitter. Beykpour did not reply to a request for comment right away. Agrawal said in a note addressed to staff and acknowledged by Twitter that the business had not met growth and revenue targets since investing “aggressively” to boost its user base and income. Twitter’s stock fell 86 cents to $45.23 at lunchtime Thursday in San Francisco. Musk’s bid price of $45.20 per share is merely 3 cents higher.

Source: AP News

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Written by Alex Bruno

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