Elon Musk says “Woke Mind Virus Is Making Netflix Unwatchable”, Netflix to be Elon’s next target after Twitter?

Netflix’s stock dropped 25% after the company experienced its first subscriber loss in more than a decade. The streaming behemoth revealed a 200,000-subscriber loss in the first quarter, prompting a sharp drop in its stock price. The announcement caused shockwaves throughout the globe, with prominent figures such as tech tycoon Elon Musk chiming in on why Netflix has been experiencing an extraordinary decline.

Elon Musk, who has said publicly that he wants to purchase Twitter Inc. in its entirety, turned to Twitter to express his opinions on why Netflix is losing customers. Musk blamed the “woke mind virus” for making Netflix “unwatchable” in a tweet. The Tesla CEO was responding to a tweet from, which claimed that Netflix is unwatchable due to “the woke mind virus.”

Musk’s comments on Netflix sparked discussion about the streaming giant’s future, considering that the last time he declared his dislike for wokeness, he ended up purchasing a 9.2% stake in Twitter, a firm he believed was continuously operating below par. Later, he made an offer of $43 billion to take out the social media and technology behemoth.

Elon Musk’s scathing tweet about Netflix has sparked social media speculation

With Elon Musk’s comments regarding Netflix’s losses, social media users couldn’t help but speculate on the streaming behemoth’s future. Many Twitter users agreed with Musk and criticized Netflix’s programming. A user speculated that, in the aftermath of Black representation, Twitter would create a series starring Russian President Vladimir Putin, who would be represented by a Black actor. Another Twitter user remarked that the awakened mind infection is the most serious danger to society, to which Musk agreed.

A social media user uploaded a graphic of a series supposedly broadcast on Netflix that featured a guy getting ready for his pregnancy when a Twitter user asked Elon Musk which shows he found afflicted by the ‘woke Virus.’ Another Twitter user was blunt in his request that Musk acquires Netflix and rid it of the woke stuff.

Another commenter speculated that when Musk takes over Twitter and dismisses its staff for not showing up for work, he will take over Netflix.

Elon Musk has made a bid to acquire Twitter

After Twitter, the Internet has already begun to speculate if Netflix would be next on Elon’s list of acquisitions. Following his public critique of Twitter’s discriminatory algorithmic practices, Elon Musk emerged as the company’s largest independent shareholder. Later, he said unequivocally that he wanted to acquire the firm and take it private. It’s just a matter of time until the world wakes up and sees the world’s wealthiest man battling ‘wokeness’ with his buying power.

The streaming giant is set to lose over 2 million members in the second quarter, according to reports. According to the corporation, the suspension of its operation in Russia, as well as the termination of all paid memberships in Russia, resulted in a loss of 7 lakh subscribers. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings had previously expressed his dissatisfaction with the company’s lackluster performance in India, where subscriber growth has slowed. Netizens attributed Netflix’s bad performance to its woke and Hinduphobic programming after Hastings revealed his worries in an interview.

Source: Opindia

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