Elon Musk says He’s ‘Optimistic about the future of Climate Change; Thanks to Solar Power technology

Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX, discusses the future of climate change. And it’s fair to say he looks to be upbeat about the situation. The billionaire expressed his optimism about society’s efforts to address climate change, but he couldn’t say when that would happen. Similarly, Musk discussed his expectations for the inventive use of solar power and how firmly he believes that this is the best method to power civilizations.

Musk was captured speaking during a recent interview with Axel Springer’s CEO, in which he indicated that the world’s climate change problem will undoubtedly be handled, but that he had no idea when it would happen. Tesla’s CEO also offered a number of forecasts about decarbonization and how it may be performed more efficiently with the aid of solar energy. He went on to explain how this shift might be made possible with the use of technologies that would store the sun’s energy so that it could be utilized in the near future.

“There is no question that the sun shines throughout the day, yet it may be fairly overcast at times.” You’ll need solar batteries at times, and that’s how society will be fueled in the long run,” he concluded. But, until and until everyone can make the switch to solar, Musk emphasized the significance of nuclear energy upkeep, saying, “I believe it’s absolute craziness to even think about shutting them down,” and then repeating how ludicrous it was to even consider them.

The billionaire’s remarks regarding nuclear power facilities closing coincide with Germany’s decision to phase out nuclear energy following the Fukushima nuclear tragedy in March 2011.

Musk has previously urged for more nuclear energy reforms in Europe when the Russian invasion of Ukraine was in its early stages. Germany’s dependency on Russian oil was strongly emphasized during this time.

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While the number of natural catastrophes in Germany was not as high as in other regions of the globe, the country is more vulnerable to earthquakes, storms, and floods. Although the precise timescale for resolving the world’s climate problems is unknown, Elon Musk feels that the next 15 years are vital for broad change.

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Written by Alex Bruno

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