September 11, 2022

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    Breaking: Astronomers spot 2 “Super-Earth” planets circling a star 100 light years away

    One of the two “super-Earth” planets discovered by an international team of researchers, which is believed to be suitable for life, is circling a tiny, cold star some 100 light years distant from Earth. A NASA expedition designed to look for planets circling nearby stars turned out the first planet, known as LP 890-9b. The […] More

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    “Aliens are in that cloud”: A strange Halo appears over a town in China

    As misinterpreted meteorological phenomena are often cited as the cause of UFO claims, it is not unexpected that scientists are drawing criticism for taking this tack when discussing a peculiar halo spotted above China. It was seen above Pu’er in the Yunnan Province (north of Laos) in August and resembled a rainbow-colored tower perched atop […] More