SpaceX Crew Dragon’s Leaky Toilet will Force NASA Astronauts to Wear ‘Space Nappies’

It is anticipated that four astronauts, coming home from the International Space Station (ISS) this month onboard SpaceX’s 13-foot-wide capsule, would not have access to a toilet for the entirety of the mission. According to Nasa, they will instead have to depend on backup ‘undergarments’.

The issue with the toilets was discovered last month on another one of SpaceX’s Crew Dragon spacecraft, which was sent to the International Space Station (ISS) in April and is now stationed there.

The astronauts are hoping for a fast return trip to the planet in order to prevent any unpleasant situations on their way back.

Previous crewed flights on SpaceX’s spacecraft have returned to Earth from the International Space Station in anywhere between six and nine hours.

Splashdown could lead to splashback as four astronauts will be forced to wear mess-friendly ‘undergarments’ on their return journey from the International Space Station, NASA has revealed.

An ongoing problem with the toilet onboard SpaceX’s Crew Dragon capsules means that astronauts returning to Earth this month won’t be able to use the bathroom until they land.

As a result, they’ll be forced to wear something resembling nappies, according to NASA’s Commercial Crew Program manager, Steve Stich.

Any unfortunate pee spill may have also damaged the aluminium framework of the spacecraft while it was in orbit, which would have been disastrous.

SpaceX said that it was conducting a series of ground tests to guarantee that this was not the case, and that the Crew Dragon would be able to safely transport the astronauts back to the ground after their mission.

The toilet problems at the Elon Musk-owned firm seem to be a never-ending saga. At this moment, all three SpaceX-operated spacecraft seem to be experiencing leaking difficulties on their onboard toilets, according to NASA.

When the Inspiration4 crew discovered an issue with the toilet during their three-day space mission in September, it was the beginning of an unfortunate chain of events for SpaceX.

One of the tubes that was meant to funnel urine into a storage tank fell unglued, allowing the filth to flow onto a fan that was supposed to remove waste from the human body. The fan then sprayed urine under the capsule’s floor, which caused the capsule to explode.

As soon as the failing toilet sparked an alert, the crew, which included the company’s first batch of space tourists, was called in to repair it.

Due to its location at the apex of the spacecraft, one of the passengers, millionaire entrepreneur Jared Isaacman, said that the toilet on the Crew Dragon spaceship would offer ‘one hell of a view,’ according to Insider.

However, thus far, the bathrooms have caused nothing but headaches for both the company and the passengers.

Crew Dragon’s waste management system is comprised of a wall-mounted device with suction that collects and stores discharged human waste, as well as a waste disposal system.

In space, garbage may go in any direction since there is no gravitational pull. Space toilets are equipped with fans within them, which are intended to produce suction in order to remove waste from the human body and store it safely.

NASA’s third operational mission will be carried out by SpaceX, which will be the company’s fifth passenger trip overall.

While the firm has recognised that there are problems with its sanitation system and is attempting to resolve them, space tourists would think twice before embarking on a voyage that does not have a functioning restroom.

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